16 1 / 2014

Yes, you should bike today. But it’s windy!

(I chickened out and took the bus today.)

15 1 / 2014

Yes, you should bike today! Minneapolis got their act together and plowed that shit. 

14 1 / 2014

Also, someone definitely took a photo of me when I was biking this morning. 

14 1 / 2014


"There are all sorts of reasons for taking the lane. Often, a cyclist might ride centrally to keep at least a car door’s width from parked vehicles. It might be because there is a central road island coming up and the rider wants to make sure they’re not suddenly pushed into the kerb by an overtaking car. It could be to pass the message to those behind: this is a narrow (or twisty) road, there’s no space to squeeze past, you’re going to have to overtake me as you would a car.

It’s pretty simple stuff, but it’s amazing how many drivers cannot grasp it. … I can just about forgive some drivers for not knowing the rules and reasons for cyclists taking the lane. … What I can’t forgive are the dangerous maneouvres that sometimes follow. Squeezing past a cyclist carries a clear message: not only do I believe you are in the wrong, but I believe my righteousness is justification for putting your physical wellbeing in danger. I believe my right to reach the next red traffic light about five seconds earlier than I would have otherwise trumps the rights of your loved ones to welcome you home tonight in one piece. It sounds dramatic, but that’s what it amounts to, and it appalls me.”

Peter Walker (The Guardian)


Today is a fortuitous time to post this, as it marks the year’s first buzz/honk/middle finger I received from a motorist, simply for taking a lane because (surprise) the bike lane was full of plowed snow. And there was a completely empty lane to my left the driver could have used, but endangering my life and flipping me off was somehow more convenient than turning his steering wheel a few more inches to the left.

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Yup, I also had drivers yelling at me this morning, even though at times I was technically in the bike lane. Just because drivers can’t see it under the snow doesn’t mean it’s not there. And other times I did need to take the lane. Trust me, you’d rather have an upright, predictable cyclist in the lane than a swerving, nervous cyclist who might fall down and really cause some problems.

Also, a big F U to to the kids who were throwing snowballs at me yesterday. 

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18 12 / 2013

"Convincing the automotive industry, AAA, oil companies, Tea Party supporters, tabloid newspaper columnists, and run-of-the-mill NIMBYs that a group of people who are disproportionately represented among traffic injury and fatality statistics constitute some sort of all-powerful political force capable of instituting a totalitarian New World Order is a trick we’re not even sure we know how we accomplished. We’re sorry so many people have had to die, but if Washington, DC has .0000001% fewer parking spaces for cars thanks to our efforts, it will all have been worth it."

"The All-Powerful Bicycle Lobby: Conspiracy, Control, and a 1% Mode Share" (The Bicycle Story)

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18 12 / 2013

Yes, you should bike today! High of 34, so the roads should clear up nicely.

17 12 / 2013

Yes, you should bike today!
It’s double digits! It’s like I can almost remember what warmth is.

Yes, you should bike today!

It’s double digits! It’s like I can almost remember what warmth is.

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16 12 / 2013

Yes, you should bike today! There’s new snow outside!

15 12 / 2013

Yes, you should bike today! Enjoy the sunshine!

14 12 / 2013


Fresh snow on the ground and it feels like I’m floating. A stark white tapestry spreads out in every direction, and when I slow down I see the painting pierced by my smiling, yellow friend.


Even in this 15 degree weather Ani is wearing minimal layers beneath her windproof jacket and pants….

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